Our Story

January 22, 2017

Our Story

While watching the Women's March, I totally cried...a lot. First for missing it because I was pouting and next for the inspiring and powerful images here at home and across the world.

A few night earlier, a bunch of my friends got together to get creative and make these signs. Around us, there was a lot of negativity and a ton of changes happening in our country faster than we are used too. As we painted, chatted and planned for the march, I had this feeling of defeat and decided not to attend. The energy of this group of friends gave me the feeling that we are in this together, we are going to stand up and we are going to make a difference. But in my stubborn way, I pouted and stayed home.

The next morning while watching the news coverage of the Women's March, I was in awe. Never in my mind, did I imagine so many women, so many people, would come together in solidarity. I was surely was the biggest babooze for missing this epic moment. 

That's where the idea for Wahine Strong stems from, inspired by that fiery space in your heart where you may have a moment of doubt or darkness (we all do at some point) but eventually we pivot and come out stronger. Its that sense of sisterhood you get from the people that surround you.  We are fired up. Our goal is to empower and inspire women. We each hold an importance and high value to our society. What comes next....we'll just have to wait and see. 

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