Keep it Classy

July 16, 2017

Keep it Classy

Traffic sucks. Particularly when you are driving home at 11.45 pm. As I slowed my roll and weaved in with the rest of the cars, I pumped up the music for a midnight solo car karaoke session (and you know I can rock the show, even if it's only in my mind).  The left lane needed to merge and of course, there is always that ONE person that cuts in at the last possible second, into a long line where others were patiently waiting.

This car rolls by and a flash of teal catches my eye. Could it be the moment I’ve been hoping for? My FIRST random siting of a Wahine Strong sticker? Not a friend or family member I’ve pressured into join my adventure, but a true random siting?  OMG, I have to catch up and make sure it was true. I cut over one more lane and try my best to catch up. I need to be sure before I can start celebrating.

YES! Look! It’s a teal Wahine Strong sticker proudly displayed on this car. Yay!

I’m thinking, who can I call….uh, it’s past midnight...hmmm. Ok, maybe this moment is meant to be cherished all on your own. It’s pretty darn cool to see your product out and about. I’m wondering who it is, what’s their story, how did they get a sticker? OMG, who is a night owl like me that I can call now right now and share the news?

We’ve passed the construction and traffic begins to flow again. I am smiling like a dork and singing my “Hana Hou” rounds of music with a sense of pride and happiness.

Suddenly the car with the precious teal Wahine Strong sticker is next to me. I thought of waving, but really, I’d just be this crazy random woman waving (not that it hasn’t happened before). But then the window rolls down and some chick is giving me the bird and screaming something I can’t hear.


That happy sense of pride is gone in two hot seconds. No more rockstar karaoke encore sessions. I almost want to follow them only to rip that sticker right off their car!  How DARE they?

Sigh...Wahine Strong is supposed to be about being fierce, inspiring change and love -- a sense of aloha and not raging tita action. Sad face. Come on friends, let’s try to keep it classy.

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