Light It Up

May 01, 2017

Light It Up

Submitted by Coreen K. Lee. You can find her on Instagram @moxiecoreen

Woo weeee,was I fired up this morning!

The headline read, “First on CNN: Trump administration ending Michelle Obama’s girls education program” and almost instantly, without reading the full article, I was annoyed, fuming and grouchy. I definitely had a lot to say in my morning journal entry in big, bold, angry letters.

Clearly, part of the lesson - looking at your newsfeed first thing in the morning - might not be the way to start the day. (Noted. Again.)

Put your dang phone down woman! Have a cup of coffee and collect your thoughts. Heck, have two...breathe girl….collect yourself.


There is so much going on in the world, like these changes in policy, that are out of our immediate control. That’s not going to change. I don’t have any influence over these decisions that strip away support for education programs that support girls, or healthy eating initiatives meant to strengthen the children in our country. Fine. Fine. Fine!

BUT. I can strive to turn my little voice into something bigger. (Ok, most would argue that my voice is not little, so you better watch out.) In fact, it seems almost like a waste of energy to get worked up about it, unless you can use that emotion to fuel your perspective to shift or pivot. I feel like all we can do is continue to do what we can in our inner circles, our daily interactions, our attitudes, our selves.

Perhaps a little light went off when it comes to this company. Wahine Strong started as a movement with a mission that “together we find a sense of strength and connection to be fierce, to inspire change and to love.”  As a brand, we hope to encourage women (and girls) to embrace their inner strength and to be able to support each other to be bold in their own way. As a founder, I continue to stay behind the scenes of Wahine Strong, knowing the company is not about just one person. Personally though, it feels like we have to do something to pitch in. I value education yet also understand the importance of finding your own sense of strength. Strength? That means something different to everyone, so there isn’t one single answer, but it could be building self-confidence, overcoming an obstacle, challenging limits or almost anything...

Aside from the retail aspect of Wahine Strong, our goal this year is to get active and do something creative. So, the question I pose to you is, what can we do to encourage, support or inspire girls and women? It doesn’t only have to be in the realm of education or eating healthy. We are open to your ideas, creative thoughts, and suggestions.

So let’s hear it. Let’s light it up. Together we’ll formulate a plan and impact our circles. I want to hear your thoughts. You can reply to our post here or email me at Then stay tuned. A fierce tribe of women are coming at ya!

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